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Chef Shay

NJOY Eats & Prep was created in 2014 by Chef Shay while she was attending Graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She noticed a need for people with busy lifestyles to have access to nutritional meals that were affordable and tasty. As a grad student she had to juggle internships, classes, jobs and responsibilities all while achieving her fitness goals. After battling grief and removing herself from an unhealthy relationship, Shay developed an appreciation for finding JOY and incorporating a mindfulness approach to any challenge of her life. She encourages her clients to explore what brings them joy as well as adopting a healthier long term lifestyle. Chef Shay attributes her success of dropping 6 dress sizes with her passion for cooking healthier foods, eliminating stress ,negativity, and living life to the fullest. Her company is a reflection of her active lifestyle. Shay can be seen 5 times a week at the gym engaging in either weight training, hip hop cardio, boxing and or boot camps.  NJOY Eats & Prep offers life coaching, meal prep services, consultations, workshops and private classes. The mission of NJOY Eats & Prep is to help spread nutritional literacy to improve preventive care and sustain vitality. NJOY Eats’ prep believes in teaching people how to find JOY in the journey of cooking and living your best life.

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