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After your free consultation. I will discuss with you about what week you would like to begin.

This is a Meal Prep service for 5 days,  designed for one person. We do offer family portion meal prepping as well so please inquire if interested.


For Example: If you want Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner for 5 days that is our 15 meal service at $180.00. I create a menu based on your needs and fitness goals. There is a different menu each week and you will not eat the same thing every day. Once you approve the menu and date then you can pay by PayPal or Zelle. You must pay and confirm the Friday before your week starts to confirm your meal prep spot . Once payment is confirmed you can enjoy the rest of the day and look forward to us delivering your deliciously prepped and sealed food safely on Sunday afternoon. We look forward to working with you. Have a great day please contact me for any further questions. 

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